It’s about the concept…

This! This this this is what makes me so damned excited about beer and brewing and beer geeks and this whole damn crazy industry! Read a book – get inspired – throw some insane (yet so well thought-out) shit into it and see what happens.

This is why beer is magical. This is why beer is good. This is what makes all right in the world.

My Lame Beer Blog.

If you are a professional brewer or even a home brewer, there is usually one goal, one reason to make beer: To get drunk To make something that tastes great and is satisfying for you and others to drink.

With this series I am working on, A Song of Malt and Hops, what the finished beer will taste like is very important to me. I try to achieve some semblance of balance no matter what is going into the it. Sometimes though, the concept just dictates and drinkability and enjoyment is secondary.

Such is the case with the last beer I made, House Greyjoy.

The recipe formulation for this beer really has nothing to do with thirst quenching tastiness, it has to do with nailing this concept of what their house beer would taste like. And in the end, it is quite possible that this beer will taste likeā€¦

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